Mind of My Mind by Octavia E. Butler

Mind of My Mind

Mind of My Mind Octavia E. Butler ebook
ISBN: 0446361887, 9780446361880
Format: pdf
Page: 224

Even simple things like watching a film would leave me devastatingly tired. I mean, we all have moments of panic. LOL - Kids' minds are wonderous things. I couldn't muster the energy to leave my bed, never mind the house. Tomorrow is their Annual Meeting of Shareholders which I've attended for about a decade. I choose what I think will be the best option. A Peace of My Mind began out of the belief that if a single voice can make a small difference, then together, many voices can make a tremendous impact. I recieve depressed about my situation and my scar basically try looking in the mirror. If I'm working on something, something original, my mind cycles through a myriad of possible options at every decision point. For people who've never had a panic attack, I've got to assume the name of it sounds kind of lame.

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